Interboot sets sail for the world of water sports

17.07.2017 | International water sports exhibition in Friedrichshafen from September 23 to October 1, 2017 – About 500 exhibitors to present a wide range of products and services

Inhaltstext der News“Weigh anchor and full speed ahead” will again be ring out at the 56th Interboot in Friedrichshafen in late summer. From September 23 to October 1, about 500 exhibitors will show everything having to do with water sports. This year’s edition of the international water sports exhibition promises exciting moments on and in the water. From surfboards to family cruisers, from canoes to daysailers – the eight exhibition halls, the Trade Fair Lake and the Interboot Harbour will shine the spotlight on the entire spectrum of water sports. “We offer visitors a diverse selection of presentations, exhibitions and test sailing opportunities and want to encourage them to participate. For example, our Interboot Harbour, with 130 berths, is absolutely predestined for such a role,” said Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann. The entertainment and participation program promises splashy fun in the wet element, without any dry technical input. The new initiative “Your Job – Your Moment,” in which a variety of professions in water sports will be presented, will also be making its premiere. There will also be a new hovercraft show on Lake Constance.

“We are staying the course set last year and are adding additional thematic focal points. Fostering the next generation of water sports enthusiasts is very close to our heart, which is why we have also launched the vocation orientation initiative ‘Dein Job – Dein Moment’,” project leader Dirk Kreidenweiss explains. Special theme areas organized provide an overview of trends and current issues in water sports. Alternative propulsion concepts and the sustainable use of materials in boat construction will be put at the center of attention. To do this, a product show at which future product developments will be presented will be organized in Hall B2. Foiling remains a hot topic, and is the subject of a collection that will be on display in Hall A1. From a single-hulled foiling boat all the way to a “flying” catamaran – anyone who is interested in sailing faster than the wind is guaranteed to find what they are looking for there. The Sailing and Travel Competence Center will also be expanded to provide information about even more topics, ranging from bluewater sailing to motorboat cruising.

The call of the waves: Trending sports and board area sparks yearning for the sea and more
Surfing, boarding, kite surfing and wave riding are on the agenda in the board and trending sports hall, Hall B1. A special area will be dedicated to the current foiling hype among kite surfers, with the latest technical innovations and the most modern boards on display. Not only the large number of leisure supports suppliers, but also the Interboot Surf Days with a standing wave pool and a chill-out lounge will remind everyone of their last beach vacation. The five-meter-wide pool promises to create perfect conditions for wave riding at just the touch of a button. This is where beginners and skilled surfers can test and improve their skill on the board. Registration is not required to hop on top of a board and ride the wave, but anyone who wants to avoid a wait can make a reservation for up to five people online. Neoprene suits and various boards will be provided on site; visitors are not permitted to use their own equipment.

Shopping and clubbing are on the agenda on Thursday, September 28, when the exhibitors in Hall B1 will offer sunset shopping until 9 p.m., making visitors cool offers while cool musical beats play in the background.

Water sports on the Trade Fair Lake: Wakeboard, SUP, canoes and test sailing
You can only experience real water sports moments when you try things out for yourself. That’s not a problem at the Trade Fair Lake, where visitors can paddle, sail and wakeboard daily. Stand-up paddling (SUP) is becoming more and more popular. At the lake, boards and paddles will be available for beginners and advanced visitors alike to try out. Visitors who have chosen a canoe as their water sports vehicle will paddle sitting down. Young visitors the opportunity to personally sail miniature 12-meter yachts and take control of the helm of these unsinkable, uncapsizable boats.

The SUP Team Challenge: To your paddles, ready, set, go!
The SUP Team Challenge will take place this year on Sunday, September 24th. At the Trade Fair Lake, two person teams will demonstrate their skill in stand-up paddling. The teams have to complete the SUP obstacle course as quickly as possible while the partners switch off. Participants can win cash prizes totaling 1000 euros. A maximum of 16 two-person teams can register for the competition.

Sporty highlights on Lake Constance
In a show of great power, hovercrafts will glide above the surface of Lake Constance in the hovercraft show that will take place on the first weekend of the Interboot. Afternoons, the Formula 1 racing team will zoom across the Trade Fair Lake. At night, the several-time European and World champions will amaze spectators at the Friedrichshafen lakeside promenade.

In contrast, sunset sailing at the Interboot Harbour will be a more relaxed affair. Anyone who doesn’t want to be dependent on the wind can head out for sunset cruising on a motorboat. The trips out to enjoy the sunset will be offered on the weekends and on Friday. Registration takes place through the Interboot Academy program.
On the first weekend of the show, sailors will compete for the international Interboot Trophy in six categories. The event, organized by the Württemberg Yacht Club, has drawn passionate boaters to Friedrichshafen for thirteen years.

INTERBOOT Marina: Glistening water meets polished planks
Maritime flair will waft through the Interboot Harbour, where about 130 boats will be anchored for test runs with potential customers. From 30-foot sailboats to e-boats to classical mahogany motorboats, no wish goes unfulfilled. Apropos mahogany: visitors will also be able to see noble woods at the classic boat dock. The classic boats belonging to Oldtimer Schiffer Bodensee (OSB), docked in the Interboot Harbour, take you back to the art of boatbuilding in times gone by and can be admired at full power during the Classic Boat Regatta on September 24, organized by the Friedrichshafen sailing and motor club.

Female water sports fans can also get acquainted with the helm and being out on the water at the motorboat training session for women, which is being put on in cooperation with the magazine Boote. Experienced women skippers will give on-board instructions and head out on the water with the novice participants. The Interboot Harbor will also ensure a pleasant vacation atmosphere, just right for a nightcap after the close of the expo for the day.

Discover water sports: Start Boating
“Ab aufs Wasser” - “Get out on the water” is the motto of the Start Boating campaign, which will also be calling at the Interboot. In the Interboot harbor, water sports fans can find motorboats and sailboats in various sizes to test and try out. There are many different opportunities to get out on the water, whether it be in style on board a sailing yacht, enjoying sporty action on a fast sport boat or sailing skiff, or a comfortable journey with a motor yacht or houseboat.
Start Boating will be represented at the international water sports exhibition with an information stand in the West Foyer. Furthermore, nine motorboats and two sailing yachts will be available for free test trips from Friday through Sunday on the second weekend of the Interboot. Almost all spaces have already been reserved. Reservations for the remaining spaces can be made at

The Interboot Academy: Information and workshops by pros for pros
The international water sports exhibition brings high level workshops and seminars to Lake Constance. A wealth of information is offered at the Interboot Academy: In his blue water seminar, Bobby Schenk will tell the audience about sailing around the world and everything important related to it. All 150 seats at the presentation have already been booked. Peter G. Boot, former member of the Royal Marines, will offer VHF, radio and chart plotter courses that make sailing safer.

Interboot Action Days: Days of discovery for young water sports fans
The Interboot Action Days offer young visitors the opportunity to go boating on Lake Constance or steer a sailing yacht. The event will take place for third time on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1. Young people between the ages of 12 to 16 will get to experience a piece of the action in a sail boat, riding in a motor boat, on top of a wakeboard or on a stand-up paddle board, and even go scuba diving. “Inspiring young people, experiencing water sports with all your senses and making them fun for children are at the center of this program at the Interboot,” says project leader Dirk Kreidenweiss.

Meeting point for nautical Switzerland – Suisse@Interboot
Hall A4, decorated in Swiss flags, is practically a permanent fixture at the international water sports exhibition. At every show, a dependable group of exhibitors from the Alpine region present themselves to the public under the heading Suisse@Interboot. Thursday at the Interboot will be dedicated to Switzerland and will feature special campaigns and offers. For example, all Swiss visitors will get free admission on Thursday.

Dream of faraway places in the Sailing and Travel Competence Center
The name says it all: The Sailing and Travel Competence Center is not only a meeting place for ambitious speed sailors, foil boat enthusiasts and owners of multihulls, but also offers information about sailboat and motorboat travel. Fans of masts, jibs and spinnakers as well as devotees of throttles and speed will get their fill during the lecture program. In addition to a large number of picture-packed presentations about water-based travel, at the travel market, representatives from travel organizers and countries and regions like Cuba and the British Virgin Islands will present the most beautiful destinations for water sports enthusiasts. Experts Jürgen Strassburger and Michael Amme will provide competent, independent advice about chartering vessels for motor- and sailboat cruises.

Classic boats and the art of boatbuilding
The Verband der Bodenseewerften, the Lake Constance Shipbuilders Association, will introduce themselves to the public at a large shared stand, where visitors can admire the beauty of maritime classics and get information from boatbuilding experts. At the stage, expert presentations from industry professionals will provide visitors with information about the “floating hobby” on a daily basis.

Nautical apparel: The fashion mile at the Interboot
The 56th Interboot will not only exhibit boats but also a diverse array of apparel and accessories for activities on or in the water. The fashion show in Hall A2 will take place several times per day and will provide visitors with an overview of the latest trends. Apparel will also be available to try on and purchase at the show.