INTERBOOT – Your Moment

08.12.2015 | The International Watersports Exhibition’s new slogan and image campaign taps into the emotional moments of water sports.

Friedrichshafen – Starting in 2016, the INTERBOOT, the International Water Sports Exhibition, will be blazing a new trail starting with a new image campaign and a new slogan: “Your moment”. A large eye that intensely looks at the viewer as the image of water is reflected in it is at the center of the new look. Water is the common element that connects everyone who spends time on the water, whether it be the ocean, a sea or a lake. The slogan “your moment” is intended to capture the attention of every water sportsman and –woman in their individual world of experience and market segment. At the same time, it expresses and conveys the emotional highs and immense sensory world that are part of fascinating and unforgettable moments in water sports. Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and INTERBOOT project leader Dirk Kreideweiss presented the new 2016 campaign on Saturday as part of the opening ceremony of the 54th INTERBOOT.

Of course, every water sports­ man or ­woman experiences “their moment” in a very in­ dividual way. The wind and the waves give sailors, boaters, wakeboarders, kite surfers and water­skiers get a very personal kick – and the new campaign is aimed at exactly this moment. Such special moments must be enjoyed and cherished.

For its 55th edi­tion, the INTERBOOT will pre­ sent itself with a new image on streetside billboards, flyers and the Internet. The International Water Sports Exhibition is now putting the discerning eye of water sports enthusiasts front and center. “Your moment” is an emotional experience, one that should be embedded in our memory.

The INTERBOOT team is very much aware of the fact that an observer will first take a mo­ment to reflect and think about the new message: “We live in a fast­paced time. Markets, value systems, our communications habits and the spirit of the times are changing very quic­kly”, stresses Messe Friedrichs­
hafen CEO Klaus Wellmann. It is therefore only logical for the Messe Friedrichshafen team to continually work on and improve the framework of the INTERBOOT to reflect develop­ ments in water sports. The new campaign presents a whole new perspective. The aim is to make the concept of the INTERBOOT even more attractive for visi­tors and exhibitors by drawing upon extensive experience and numerous conservations with industry representatives, as well as feedback from the water sports industry. Project leader Dirk Kreideweiss also sees a cer­tain long­range perspective in the newly created INTERBOOT eye, one that points the way ahead. In short: emotionaliza­tion. “In the end, water sports are something that everyone experiences and enjoys in a different way,” said a dent Kreide­weiss. Sailors and boaters of all types, divers, wakeboarders, kite surfers, waterskiers and surfers all experience sport on the water differently. They all experience fascinating, indivi­dual, unforgetable moments. And that’s why we say “INTER­BOOT ­ Your Moment.”

The INTERBOOT is open dai­ly from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Sunday, September 25. The INTERBOOT Harbour will be open daily until 7 p.m. Free shuttle buses will bring visitors from the central train station, ferry terminal, INTERBOOT Harbour, and parking areas to the exhibition center and back. Day passes cost 12 Euros, the re­duced rate is 10 Euros. A family pass is available for 28 Euros. Children between the ages of six and fourteen pay 5 Euros.