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The portal works like all standard online stores, although with the major difference that you cannot book space with the help of the portal, but can generate a systematic and structured enquiry.
If you click through the various spaces on offer, the orientation map shows you where these spaces are and whether they are still available. If you click on an area in the orientation map, all detailed information and a picture of the area will appear.

All spaces that you place in the enquiry basket will be transmitted to at the end of your session, once you have provided your contact details. One of our staff will contact you at latest within 24 hours to help you make a firm booking.

Our staff member will personally discuss all questions with regard to print data, special terms, etc. with you. Only after all terms have been clarified will you be able to book the space.

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Kurt Abele
Pestalozzistrasse 22
88069 Tettnang (Deutschland)
Phone +49 (0) 7542 66 18
Mobile +49 (0) 177 21 36 387

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