Interboot to be relaunched as a five-day event

05/10/2023  | [Translate to English:] Ausstellerbefragung zur Interboot-Laufzeit – Mehrheit spricht sich für eine Verkürzung aus
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Water sports draw a crowd

09/25/2022  | [Translate to English:] 49.800 Wassersport-Fans auf dem Messegelände – Ausstellerschaft bekundet reges Besucherinteresse und gute Verkäufe
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Interboot showing inflatable catamarans, electric fins, and self-charging e-boats

09/16/2022  | [Translate to English:] INTERBOOT präsentiert vom 17. bis 25. September 2022 zahlreiche Weltpremieren und Trends in Friedrichshafen
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Hoist the anchor and full speed ahead: Interboot setting course for its 61st edition

07/19/2022  | [Translate to English:] Internationale Wassersport-Ausstellung vom 17. bis 25. September 2022 – Interboot-Hafen zeigt Flagge – Wassersport in all seinen Facetten erlebbar
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60th Interboot sails into port again after a highly successful anniversary voyage

09/26/2021  | Some 45,600 water sports fans celebrate their hobby on the water – Exhibitors highly satisfied with the event – Protection & Hygiene Concept implemented
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New Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg with no immediate impact

09/17/2021  | Impact of the new Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg on INTERBOOT 2021
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Practical space-saving wonders and flying water bikes at the INTERBOOT

09/17/2021  | 60th INTERBOOT to showcase product debuts and key trends of the upcoming water sports season from September 18 to 26, 2021
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60th Interboot trade fair casts off for a grand tour

07/20/2021  | The international water sports exhibition is braving the choppy waters of the coronavirus pandemic.
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On the safe side: The Special Edition of the INTERBOOT was a complete success

09/27/2020  | Exhibitors more than satisfied – Comprehensive safety and hygiene concept well received
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Boom in water sports despite COVID-19 pandemic

08/28/2020  | Exhibitors coming to the special edition of Interboot from September 19 to 27, 2020, in Friedrichshafen with the wind in their sails
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