Exhibitors' Impressions of Interboot 2019

Kai Pohatschka, managing director of Yacht-Center GmbH:

"I got the impression that this year's Interboot went better than last year's. Particularly during the week, we had customers at our booth with concrete intentions to buy. For us, Interboot is a good opportunity to pull in orders ahead of the winter. We attracted new customers loyal to the Sealine brand here. The charter sales model, which we've been offering as a business model for three years now, is growing at a prodigious rate, and we made concrete sales in that area as well. We're really very satisfied with the way the 2019 exhibition went."

Meik Lessig, managing director at Enjoy Yachting Vertriebs GmbH:

"The exhibition was good, even if it was a bit slow during the week. I maintain that it would be better to shorten the duration. Apart from that, I'm very happy that the motorboat halls were especially good. Our expectations had been fulfilled already on the day before the exhibition ended."

Hans Roelants, general manager for EMEA at Sea Ray Boats:

"For us, the entire exhibition was a huge success, even if some of the other exhibitors may say different. Our dealers were extremely well prepared in advance. As a manufacturer, we offered a good platform and showroom for our dealers to use, so our trade fair appearance was very successful overall. We provide our dealers with a stage for successful sales, so to speak. This strategy has been proving its worth for years. We attend only five trade fairs in all of Europe, Interboot being one of them. For one thing, its proximity to Austria and Switzerland is very interesting with regard to the visitors. For another, we're trying to attract dealers from the Czech Republic and Slovenia who might attend in the future. We celebrated the 60-year anniversary of our company here at Interboot, among other places, and the show on Lake Constance was the icing on the cake as far as our company's success was concerned. And it was also a great start to the coming season."

Romana Caminada, managing director at Caminada Werft:

"I think this year's Interboot was very well frequented. We had interesting conversations and made good contacts. But as we all know, the after-show business is the important part, so I'm expecting more sales to come."

Beat Plüss, president of the Swiss boatbuilding association SBV and managing director at SNG:

"At Interboot, we had the opportunity to have a lot of good conversations with customers and also to make many new contacts with shipyards. In a few weeks we'll be able to give a more detailed result. It's important for us to be represented here, since Interboot is an indicator and a springboard for the next year. It's also particularly important for us in Switzerland. The visitors were very well informed and we'll definitely be attending Interboot again next year."

Sonja Meichle, managing director at Ultramarin, Meichle + Mohr Marina and vice president of the German Water Sports Federation:

"The first weekend of Interboot was quiet, but more visitors came to our booth over the course of the week and especially on the second weekend. Coming as it does at the end of the season, Interboot is an important trade fair for strengthening contacts made previously during the season. In general the audience was very interested and well informed. The after-show business will determine how much we made in sales at Interboot."

Elias Holocher, managing director at HolzKunst Holocher:

"Since this was our first time exhibiting at a trade fair, we came here with low expectations. Nevertheless, the exhibition completely fulfilled them. We got fantastic feedback and we'll definitely be back next year."

Fritz Renz & Ilona Renz, managing directors at fender-design OHG:

"Interboot went well in every respect. Since we acquired more new customers than last year, our expectations were surpassed. There were many well-informed visitors and boat owners at our booth. We're very well satisfied with our sales. Interboot is an important trade fair; it's indispensable to us. Its significance for our company is due not least to the Swiss visitors here."

André Busse, managing director at bodenseenautic busse GmbH

"For us Interboot was slow this year with regard to the visitors. As far as the event itself is concerned, we were very well satisfied. The customers were very well informed, but we still would have liked to make more sales. Next year we'll be back of course, since Interboot is very important for our business with end customers. Overall, however, we wish the exhibition were shorter."

Marian Hanke, managing director at my-electroboat.com

"Of all the exhibitions we attend, Interboot is the most important for us. We don't fit very well to the topical focus of the hall we're located in this year. As a result, many of our visitors are just looking and don't really understand why our prices are so much higher than those of other exhibitors around us. Nevertheless, we've had good conversations and we'll see what comes along after the fair. The Swiss were very good customers for us. Overall we're happy and very well satisfied with the results. In the end, there's always something to learn, and if we get a booth in hall A1 next year, we'll be back again."

Ralf Peine, managing director at Aero-vaerft UG

"This was our first time here, and we were impressed with the organization at Interboot. We could have wished for more visitors, but those who were here were of outstanding quality. We had great conversations and the people came to us with very specific ideas in mind already. This will certainly not be the last time we attend. Interboot is simply an excellent and successful exhibition."

Richard Gründl, managing director of Gründl Bootsimport GmbH & Co. KG

"The organization of the exhibition – the shuttle buses, the parking, the accessibility of the halls, and the deliveries – was very well executed. In addition, we got lucky with the weather over the weekends. As far as the visitors are concerned, we were less well satisfied than in previous years. It seemed like there were fewer of them, especially those with the intention to buy. Nevertheless, the mix of industry experts and people just coming to look is perfect. Interboot is an important meeting place for us and we would never miss it. It's the perfect start to the new sales season."

Bora Inceören, CEO at Argos Yachtcharter und Touristik GmbH:

"As always, we're entirely satisfied with the exhibition. The people are very friendly and we feel at home here. On Thursday and Friday there wasn't much going on, but otherwise we're happy with how it went. The visitors came with very specific inquiries and we're well satisfied with the number of bookings. We've already booked the hotel for next year; we'll be back for sure. While Interboot is not the most important exhibition for us, it's the first one to start the new sales season.  We like the exhibition team and the location."



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