Practical space-saving wonders and "flying" water bikes at the INTERBOOT

60th INTERBOOT to showcase product debuts and key trends of the upcoming water sports season from September 18 to 26, 2021

From beautiful 10-meter yachts to practical space-saving wonders and telescopic fenders: the 60th edition of the Interboot will feature numerous product debuts in six halls as well as several foyers and outdoor areas. Some 280 exhibitors will be on hand for this anniversary edition of the fair, presenting the entire range of water sports from September 18 to 26, 2021. A selection of the reported innovations were available for perusal during the press tour on the day before the fair.

Top candidate for Yacht of the Year

It is a rare event when so many new yachts are sold before the first model has even been launched to sea. A total of 17 Sunbeam 32.1 yachts have been pre-sold, and it’s quite possible that this model could follow in the footsteps of its predecessors in 2008 and 2019 and be nominated or even selected as Europe’s Yacht of the Year. The signature style of industrial designer Gerald Kiska could be seen in a sophisticated and attractive 10-meter yacht that sets new standards in functionality and comfort and takes its bearings from contemporary lifestyles. “People are looking for a positive joie de vivre that goes far beyond the pure delight of sailing with friends and family on board,” shipyard boss Andreas Schöchl explains. With a breadth of just under three meters, a weight of 4150 kilograms, a proportion of 30 percent ballast in the keel, and up to 60 square meters of sail to catch the wind, the new yacht’s features are indicative of exceptionally good sailing characteristics.

Telescopic fender reduces space required by 70 percent

He originally set out to purchase a space-saving fender. Because he wasn’t able to find one, Austrian Ramis Demir ended up designing one himself. In the meantime, he has registered his POP Fender for a patent, and the invention has been generating enthusiastic interest throughout the world. “Many owners are intimately familiar with the problem. They purchase too few fenders or fenders that are too small for the size of their boat in order to save space,” the inventor says, who invested many an evening into the completion of his POP Fender. Because this new fender does not use compressed air, it requires no maintenance, a circumstance which also speaks in favor of its durability in use. One clever feature is its lack of the usual eyelets at the ends, allowing it to be reduced in volume by 65 to 70 percent when pressed together. The basic size of the first prototype is 16 cm, its diameter at the widest point. A larger version is also under consideration, and the retail price of the initial model is expected to be around 80 euros.

Party platform for Father’s Day

When Volker Green decided he wanted to go on a traditional German Father’s Day trip with something other than a bicycle or wagon, the native of Schleswig-Holstein constructed a raft. This idea eventually became a line of business, with the gasoline-powered vessel built for fun ultimately transformed into a sustainable and license-free event and party pontoon boat with a 15-horsepower electric propulsion system. One battery charge is enough for an eight-hour trip at a leisurely pace. The L version is 8.80 meters long and offers 12 people and a boat captain the most important features for a great outing, including an on-board barbecue grill, beer table fittings, a solar-powered music system, a below-deck bathroom, and even a retractable diving board for taking a refreshing dip in the water. A GPS keeps the boat in position electronically. Depending on the custom trim package, the platform costs roughly 58,000 euros. An S version for 6 party animals is currently under construction, and an M version that accommodates 8 is in the design stage. Marinas that rent out boats are also a target group for the product.

A “flying” water bike

Foiling, which refers to lifting off above the surface of the water using hydrofoils, has long been common in sailing. From the dinghy class to the Americas Cup, the enormously high potential for speed wins people over. After this craze spilled over into motorboating and even stand-up paddling (SUP), it was only a matter of time before a floating “bike” with foils would conquer the world of water sports. The XE-1 hydrofoil from New Zealand launches into the air after just five or six turns of the pedals and is easy to “fly” even without any particular level of skill on the part of the person piloting the new vessel type. When it is folded up, it fits in the trunk of a car and weighs only 30 kilograms. Cost: 7990 euros.

A fascinating journey through 60 years of water sports in Friedrichshafen

An interesting special show will take visitors on a journey through six decades of water sports. It will feature not only the captivating history of the Interboot but also evoke memories through images and artifacts of events that have affected the world since the 1960s.

How to enjoy INTERBOOT 2021 safely:

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