September 25, 2022 |

Sonja Meichle, CEO of Ultramarin Meichle + Mohr GmbH:

“The exhibition went very well for us. During the week there were fewer visitors, but they were better informed. We had many interesting conversations on the topic of boat trading. We fulfilled our expectations and reached the level of 2019. The Interboot remains a lovely exhibition, with a relaxed atmosphere and lots of opportunities to get into conversations with like-minded people. It goes to show that there’s still a demand for exhibitions.”

Günther Ambrosi, Sales Manager at Sunbeam Watersports GmbH:

“We’re generally very well satisfied with the way the exhibition went – even with the deals we made there, even if that isn't necessarily customary. That means our expectations were definitely fulfilled. The stream of visitors was huge on both weekends, with our regulars dropping by as well. My wish for the future would be for more people to get interested in sailing. New blood is lacking in that regard.”

Richard Gründl of Gründl Bootsimport GmbH & Co. KG:

“The number of visitors was very good on the two weekends; during the week it was quieter. We’re hoping for good business in the wake of the exhibition, and we’re working to make it happen. This exhibition is very significant to us, so we’re planning to be back in 2023.”

Meinrad Hiller, CEO of Pfeiffer Marine GmbH:            

“I’m well satisfied with how the exhibition went – and positively thrilled about the two weekends. The large number and the quality of the customers has me hoping for good post-exhibition business. Our optimism overall is somewhat muted by the surrounding circumstances – rising power costs and the war in the Ukraine are leaving their mark. However, our expectations for this year’s exhibition were definitely fulfilled; it was a good year and we’re looking forward to the next.”


Thomas Britz, CEO of Muskelkater Sport:

“We’re content with the way the fair went, having seen an upward trend in business. For us it was the best Interboot since the pandemic started. This year, once again, we were pleased to receive good customers who were happy to buy. The next edition in 2023 is already a fixed date in our calendars – the timing is perfect.”

Michael Menken, CEO of Bootscenter Menken:

“The exhibition went well for us. The visiting public this year was very well informed and interested in buying. Many of them took advantage of the tryout opportunities at the harbor with enthusiasm and were glad to be able to try out the boats right then and there. The combination of exhibition halls and the Interboot harbor makes this exhibition one-of-a-kind for us in the German-speaking region. In the future, we hope to expand our presence at the harbor and have a wider range of boats available there, and we’re also interested in cooperating with the Interboot organizers to offer events on Lake Constance.”

Bernd Stockhausen, Sales Manager at Performance Ribs GmbH:

“As a family-run business from the region of Lake Constance, we feel right at home at the Interboot, and we use it to maintain relations with our customers and meet contacts in the water sports business in person. The exhibition is located in the border region of four countries – a prosperous one with a great affinity for water sports, at that. Along with its perfect timing for the start of the season and its dedicated Interboot harbor, it really has everything it needs to become a fixture for the water sports segment in the south of Germany. The exhibition went well, providing us with lots of interesting conversations and many of our customers with a welcome opportunity for tryouts at the harbor.”

Peter and Yanick Nürnberger, sales and dealership networking at Europe Marine Großhandels GmbH:

“The number of visitors at our booth seems to have recovered from the effects of the pandemic, and after the two years of the coronavirus, customers’ willingness to buy seems to have once more reached the high levels of 2019. We’ve been coming here for 30 years because we appreciate the high-quality and well-funded public that congregates here from the south of Germany and the tri-border region. We increased what we had on offer at our booth compared to last year, and we hope that other exhibitors will do the same next year so that the variety available at the Interboot continues to increase.”

Dennis Pfister, Boote Pfister GmbH:

“We had more visitors at our booth on the first weekend than ever before. Overall the purchasing behavior this year was somewhat restrained, though. We registered a strong influx of newcomers interested in used boats, small recreational craft up to six meters, and jet skis, and we were able to generate a lot of interest in water sports among prospective future customers. In my opinion, a jet ski is an entry-level boat for a family of three – and they’ll keep growing along with us. Also interesting is the demand for boats starting at eight meters; the medium range of boats is currently in relatively low demand. The area our customers come from includes Lake Constance, and many of them come from southern Germany, so we’re very happy to come to the Interboot. Trade fairs will remain hugely important, since newcomers in particular go to water sports exhibitions because they aren’t yet familiar with the manufacturers and dealers.”

Vinzenz Batt, chairperson of the Swiss boat-builders’ association SBV:

“The Interboot went better than it did the last two years in terms of the number of exhibitors, even if some previous exhibitors couldn’t take part because they didn’t have any boats available. We’re hoping for a further increase next year. The basic conditions here at the Interboot are excellent, with its lovely halls, the fairground lake, and Lake Constance. For many purposes – sales and networking, for example – it's our home fair, and it’s a showcase for the Swiss boat-building industry.”

Uwe Fröhlich, owner of Boots-Center Fröhlich e.K.:                                     

“We’re very well satisfied with the exhibition, and our expectations were fulfilled. The quality of the visitors is very good, and we got a lot of new contacts. While the water sports segment has been booming for the last two years, this year it’s a little quieter and the customers are a bit more hesitant to finalize the purchase. Since our products were well received at the exhibition, we’re expecting the follow-up business to be good, with interest seeming to be greater in the cabin-cruiser class than in entry-level models.”

Sena Er, Senior Sales Associate at Argos Yachtcharter & Touristik GmbH:

“We came to the Interboot with low expectations due to the coronavirus pandemic, so we were surprised by the positive results. Business was very good on the two weekends. The quality of the interested customers was very good, too, so we received many charter bookings. The Interboot is very important for us because of its proximity to Austria and Switzerland.”







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