Exhibitor testimonials on Interboot 2020:

September 27, 2020 |

Simon and Eva Zanon, owner of Zanon Nautic GbR:

“For us as a start-up, participating in the fair for the first time was a risk that we consciously decided to take. We are now pleasantly surprised and enjoying the opportunity to share our message with a high-quality audience. There were many visitors seriously looking for a boat, and thanks to the many appointments we arranged for test sailing trips, we are eagerly anticipating our post-fair follow-up business. We definitely do not regret taking this step to participate in Interboot as an exhibitor!” 

Sven Walter, master boat builder at M.u.H. von der Linden GmbH:

“It’s of course an extraordinary trade fair year, but we are nevertheless very happy to be here. Messe Friedrichshafen has implemented the Special Edition concept extremely well. We were able to observe the following already on the first weekend: The visitors are flocking here and really want to have a trade show like this, and we as an industry really want to deliver such a show. The coronavirus situation has been very conducive to our bottom line this year and is bringing about increases in sales. New people are finding their way to water sports, and we hope that we will see such trends continue. We’ll be back for next year’s Interboot anniversary celebration.”

Ralf Madert, owner of Surfer’s Paradise:

“We are extremely pleased with how this year’s Interboot went. Fewer visitors came, as we expected, but they were quite knowledgeable and affluent. We were also glad to welcome many customers from the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland.”

Hans Roelants, General Manager EMEA, Sea Ray Boats:

“The Interboot was a huge success for us. We never had any doubts about the fair, and we are glad we came. It was organized extremely well, and the visitors were very disciplined. We exceeded our sales expectations and sold a great deal more than last year.”

Stefan von Klebelsberg, Managing Director of SVK Marine Consulting/Performance Marine:

“This year there were fewer visitors to our booth than usual, but we saw greatly increased interest, also among those who were looking to make a purchase. The Interboot went very well for us. We really appreciated the format of the Special Edition.”

Peter Nürnberger, Managing Director of Europe Marine Großhandels GmbH:

“The Interboot went very well and was a stress-free event for us. Our expectations met and confirmed. We saw slightly more success than previously, as we were able to devote more time to the individual visitors. The Interboot is the most important trade fair for us, and we will be happy to come back again next year.”

René Mureny, owner & Managing Director of Mureny Boats:

“The Interboot was a success for us. It went better than in the previous year and is very important to us. The visitors came to our booth with a high level of expert interest.”

Dennis Pfister, Boote Pfister GmbH sales:

“We were quite surprised that there were so many visitors at our booth; we didn’t expect that. This year there were many young people who were newcomers to boating. All in all, we can say that our expectations were exceeded. The Interboot is a very important fair for us, and we can really see ourselves coming back next year.”

Karsten Baas, General Manager of Hanse (Germany) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG:

“We didn’t have too high of expectations, so we were all the more pleased that they were fulfilled in the course of the fair. During the week it was a bit quieter than on the weekend, but on the whole the fair was extremely well attended. Many deals are only concluded in the business conducted after the fair, but we can already say that the success rate in terms of sales will not be bad. The Interboot is important for us not least because its geographical location means it matches up with the territories we service.”

Dennis Hennevanger, owner of Saffier Maritiem B.V.:

“We had almost no expectations when we arrived. That meant we were all the more satisfied with how well the Interboot went. We had precisely the right visitors at the booth. They’d not only showed a high level of professional interest but were also quite disciplined in regard to the hygiene and safety measures. We’ll almost certainly be back again next year.”

Ole Pietschke, Pantaenius GmbH Yacht Insurance:

“We were quite curious as to what to expect and were all the more relieved to find that the safety concept was very well implemented and complied with by all visitors. It definitely exceeded our expectations, because we managed to achieve our previous year’s results already by the second Saturday of the fair.”

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