September 26, 2021 |

Sonja Meichle, Managing Director of Ultramarin Meichle + Mohr GmbH:

“In addition to the well-attended weekends, there were also days of strong visitorship during the week. We generated sales that we rarely experienced even before the coronavirus pandemic, and large numbers of interested customers visited our booth. We really enjoyed Interboot 2021 as a water sports experience that was great in every aspect!”

Karsten Baas, General Manager of Hanse (Germany) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG:

“Things were slower during the week than on the weekends. However, our expectations were met overall, and we were able to make many new contacts. In some cases, the visitors just came to look, but they were often there with the intention to make a purchase. Overall, it was a good mix.”

Richard Gründl, Gründl Bootsimport GmbH & Co. KG:

“The interest in water sports continues unabated, something that Interboot demonstrated once again. Demand on the part of visitors was there in any case, and we’ll find out in the follow-up business how much we made in sales.”

Franz Lindemann, Robert Lindemann KG:

“Although there were fewer visitors overall compared to the last time we participated before the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, we had quality conversations with those who came to our booth. Interboot represents the starting signal for the new trade fair season for us, and it was a complete success.”

Meinrad Hiller, Managing Director of Pfeiffer Marine GmbH:

“I’d like to extend a big complement to the fair management. Everything is very well organized, starting with where you enter the fairgrounds by car. We didn’t expect so many visitors, and the event more than met our expectations. It was an outstanding trade show, and we look forward to 2022!”


Georg Lichtwald, Special Services, AGSTEIN Classic Crafts GmbH:

“The trade fair went great for us, and we were quite surprised at how many visitors hailed from the Munich area. We were also surprised at how knowledgeable the customers at our booth proved to be. We were at Interboot with our Rivas for the first time. We had no particular expectations, and we were curious to see how it would go. Our bottom line: It makes perfect sense to be at Interboot. If we can fit it into our schedule, we’ll certainly be back again next year.”

Bernd Flügel, Managing Director of Water Colors/F2:

“We of course didn’t have the same flow of visitors that we had before the coronavirus pandemic, but we nonetheless had many high-quality conversations. The patchy summer weather had an impact on our sales, but we were pleased with how the trade fair went overall.”

Michael Menken, Managing Director of Bootscenter Menken:

“We had great expectations as we arrived at this year’s Interboot; the previous year was one of the best shows we’ve ever had. We were immediately overwhelmed by the enormous demand on the first weekend of the trade show. The quality of the visitors was also quite high during the week. We are more than satisfied, and we are looking forward to Interboot 2022.”

Bora Inceören, Managing Director of Argos Yachtcharter & Touristik GmbH:

“After not being there last year, we were especially happy about the high visitor numbers on the weekends. Our booth in the foyer was in a great location, and we actually started to worry about running out of catalogs, as people were completely cleaning out our literature stands at times. There were some slow moments, but the visitors who were there showed concrete interest. We will see what the ultimate sales numbers are after the show. Interboot 2021 was like a new beginning for us!”

Hans Roelants, General Manager EMEA, Sea Ray Boats:

“Both Interboot weekends were particularly well attended. Our booth was always busy, and we had many interested visitors stop by. I have to add at this point that sales during the show were a little slower than usual. I suspect that our dealers experienced very strong sales in the run-up to the fair. Nevertheless, we are totally satisfied with the sales we made and of course with the entire manner in which the event was organized. We made the right decision to participate here again. We can compare the 2021 trade fair figures with those of the 2019 fair, and our final result will be similar to what we saw before the coronavirus era. We have been at the Interboot as manufacturers for many years now and have always come away very satisfied. We plan to continue to participate in the years to come. We are convinced that our customers do not want to buy our products online but instead want to see, touch, and test them out in person.”

Yanick Nürnberger, Sales & Dealer Network for Europe Marine Grosshandels GmbH:

“The Interboot continues to be a very successful event for us – we have been a part of it since the early 90s. That’s why we fully intend to keep up the tradition and would like to return in the years to come. What we observed in the coronavirus era is that the purchase price is no longer the decision-making basis for customers. Now it’s all about prompt delivery of the boat. Demand is currently enormous, so whether the boat is actually available is what makes it attractive to customers. The market in the recreational segment has experienced a tremendous boom, and only providers who practice careful procurement – like we do – can be successful.”

Dennis Pfister, Sales, Boote Pfister GmbH:

“We consider this year’s Interboot to have been a successful boat fair that offered our customers a welcome diversion from the daily routine they are experiencing in times like these. To us, the Interboot was and is a very important local trade fair. Many of our customers look forward to visiting us year after year in order to see what’s new in the boating world.”

Luki Angehrn, Managing Director of A-Werft AG:

“Because there were fewer competitors on site, the fair was really intense for us. We had more traffic, which is really nice but also a bit of a pity. I’m very pleased with the way the trade fair went. Every day we had crowds of people who were interested in checking out our prototypes. A large number of visitors showed concrete interest. We are already working on another new prototype, and if it is ready in 2022, we will be back at the next Interboot.”

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