The sea is too far away, Munich’s Eisbach river wave too, but now there is finally a standing wave at Lake Constance! In 2016, INTERBOOT set standards with the first standing wave at a German water sports trade fair, and is hosting the INTERBOOT Surf-Days again this year.

Ideal for both beginners and advanced surfers, the five metre wide wave flows constantly, sweetening the wait until the next seaside holiday for surfers. If you don’t want to spend time queuing, you can book one of four tickets for a half-hour slot for 5 Euros. The wave is included in the INTERBOOT admission price for anyone who wants to join the line-up spontaneously without booking... Just bring your towel and surfing apparel with you and off you go!

The ticket shop for reservations for the standing wave will be available soon.

*Photo credit Lars Jacobsen


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