Motosurf World Cup Demonstration Race

Totally crazy: Motosurf World Cup Demo Event

Motosurfing is the hottest new trend – so of course we had to bring it to Friedrichshafen for you! Fast, spectacular and super cool: That is the best way to describe this watery fun. The best thing about it is that the super-light high-tech boards are controlled by joystick and powered by a jet motor, so they don’t depend on wind and waves. Surfers can reach 60 km/h on their race boards. The Motosurf World Cup consists of five races on three continents to find the fastest athlete.

You can not only see how crazy this sport really is at Lake Constance, you can experience it up close yourself. Top riders from the current World Cup rankings will show their skills at the great INTERBOOT Demo Event right in front of the lakeside promenade. 

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