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Windsurfing, kite-boarding, waterskiing, surfing: These fun sports are all about enjoying your own body control in the interplay of wind and waves. The community comes together at INTERBOOT in the Board and Trend Sports Hall B1. You can check out the best boards, the latest trends and of course the chilled-out bar, where you can discuss the best surf spots while enjoying a drink.

The INTERBOOT Surf-Days in Hall B1 are a special highlight. The standing wave gives you that perfect surf feeling in a cool atmosphere.

There will be action outdoors too: Sesitec’s System 2.0 will turn the trade fair lake into a wakeboard arena during the INTERBOOT. It will not only feature shows and an opportunity to try wakeboarding yourself, but also the world-class, cool wakeboard event TEAM UP WITH A PRO, where three pro wakeboarders put together teams of amateur and upcoming riders, to ride a team contest with them.

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