SUP Team Challenge

This year’s trade fair offers a very special event for experienced stand-up paddlers: the SUP Team Challenge! On 29 September, all registered teams compete against one another on a skills course. The fastest team around the course on the trade fair lake wins – and not just anything: they win participation in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLAND SUP CHALLENGE!

Put simply: The best team of two will fly to the Caribbean in February 2019! There, they will paddle from island to island – from one dream beach to the next – for a week. The winners will sleep on a luxury catamaran; of course, flights and all local costs will be covered.

So, start training and register your team of two via the form below for the SUP Team Challenge now! Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to enter. To make the competition fair, all teams will race on the same boards, which will be provided.


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