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The portable, foldable and unsinkable pleasuretime boat for everybody

The recreational boat for all water sportspersons

The Banana®-boat of SieBroTec GmbH 100% made in Germany.

Quickly glide out on to the water for a spot of sunbathing; discover enchanted river courses together; whilst sailing, experience the earthly elements in close proximity; discover fantastic coastlines in faraway lands and go ashore; explore new fishing grounds or enjoy an exhilarating ride on the waves - all possible with Banana®-boat.

It is ready for use within a few minutes, and needs no berth or trailer.

In a few simple steps and without any tools, one person can set everything up. It’s amazing how easy life can be.

The foldable boat is made specifically of special plastic which makes the boat very light in weight and almost indestructible.

The Banana®-boat is not only unsinkable; it can also be carried to any site easily. The hull weighs from as little as 10 kg. depending on the model.

Currently seven types of boat are offered. From a length of 1.8 m to 4.25 m. The load carrying capacity starts from 90 kg and goes up to 450 kg. The area of application ranges from dinghy, recreational boat, sailing boat which by no means ends at a motor boat.

Banana®-boat can be made ready for use in a few simple steps - depending on the type - either as a rowing boat or canoe, also as a sailing boat or as a motor boat. One can choose between a petrol engine or an electric motor.

The Banana®-boat is used as a dinghy, jolly boat, yawl, rowing boat, folding boat, rubber dinghy, sailing boat, motorboat, hybrid boat, tender, daysailer, power boat, fishing boat, work boat, solar boat, pedal boat, bathing boat, rescue boat, unsinkable boat, survival boat, special boat, ferry boat, landing boat ...


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