Find the perfect blue water yacht

Sunday, September 24, 2023, 10 am - approx. 4 pm
Conference Center West / Room Schweiz

You want to go on an extended sailing trip? Maybe a circumnavigation or "only" sailing towards the Caribbean? Live on board for a longer time? The requirements for such a yacht are different from those for a yacht for a vacation trip in the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea.
What makes an ideal blue water yacht and how to find it will be explained by Marie Schneider and Jens Rabenstein, active as boat brokers and purchase consultants. In this seminar you will find out for yourself which attributes a yacht has to fulfill for your plans. You will learn about different boat types, boat building materials, rigging and layouts. We'll look at the right equipment for a blue water yacht, from A for anchor harness to Z for two-stroke outboard. We will also discuss budgets for boat purchase and travel.


Blue water sailing - what does it mean anyway?

The right yacht for sailing around the world

You can sail around the world with almost any boat - the only question is how safe and how comfortable the trip will be. In this part of the seminar we will talk about monohulls and sea hulls and their sailing characteristics, hull and keel shapes and their sailing characteristics, rudder shapes, tiller and wheel steering, hull materials, rigging types, deck layouts and interior layouts.


Blue water yacht equipment

In this section you will learn about what makes an ordinary cruising yacht a blue water yacht - the equipment. This includes equipment for a self-sufficient (energy) budget, special safety equipment for ship and crew, autopilots and wind steering systems, equipment for navigation, and means of communication beyond cell phone network and VHF contact. In addition, equipment that makes comfortable life at anchor possible in the first place is also included.

Costs of a sailing trip

In the last lecture we will talk about the costs on a long-distance voyage. It is about the costs for the boat and the crew - costs for the purchase of the yacht, additional equipment and refits, repairs, and living costs on the trip, insurance, food, mooring fees, crane fees, clearance costs, etc.


The participation fees are 99 € for single bookers and 159 € in the partner ticket incl. INTERBOOT entry. The event will be held in German only.

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