Radar Seminar

Sun. 18/09, 10:30 am to approx. 1:30 pm
Sat.  24/09, 10:30 am to approx. 1:30 pm
Conference Center West, Room Schwarzwald

Radars on yachts are primarily used to avoid collisions and thus help make sailing safer. However, they only benefit skippers familiar with their principles, functions and limits.

This Radar Seminar for sailors, yacht owners and motorboat pilots serves as an introduction and explanation of the device. The contents are compiled and presented very practically. 

All course participants get a chance to operate a radar/plotter. Multiple original Raymarine E120 multifunction displays will be available.

The following topics will be trained on the devices:

  • Activation & image interpretation: The most important switches & functions; image optimisation
  • Navigation: Various methods of positioning with radar, e.g. via soundings; distance. Working with real nautical charts.
  • Avoiding collisions: CPA, TCPA, course and speed of a ship; recording destinations with MARPA and evaluating data; practical application of the collision avoidance rules
  • Chart plotter, radar overlay, AIS, GPS, sonar, etc.
  • Realistic scenarios with the STC function (wave clutter) and FTC function (precipitation). Identifying potential dangers of incorrect settings.
  • Other radar functions that will be trained: Evaluating data boxes; Cursor; Auto Gain/Tuning; Wake; Target Expansion; Guard Zone; VRM/EBL; etc.

Seminar instructor Peter G. Boot has many years of radar experience on high seas in the British and South African merchant navy. Together with over 25 years of experience in the radar industry, he combines his knowledge to present a highly realistic and easy-to-understand radar seminar. 


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