Radar Seminar

Sun. 24/09, 10:30 am to approx. 1 pm
Sat.  30/09, 10:30 am to approx. 1 pm
Conference Center West, Room Schwarzwald

Radar on yachts is primarily used for collision avoidance and thus makes navigation at sea a lot safer, especially at night or in fog. However, it only benefit skippers who are familiar with the Radar principles, functions and limitations.

This Seminar serves as a general introduction to Radar. It is very practically orientated and ideal for skippers and yacht owners. All participants get the opportunity to operate a radar/plotter. Original Raymarine Axiom 12² display units are available during the seminar, at one unit per person.

The following subjects of the seminar are presented on the screen:

  • Basic principles
  • Target Resolution
  • Passive and active Reflectors
  • Navigation using only Radar
  • Collision-avoidance
  • The Radar-relevant IRPCS rules

During the practical part of the seminar, all participants can practice the following functions on the display units:

  • Switch-on and picture interpretation: The important functions; picture optimization.
  • Cursor, VRM/EBL, Auto gain/Tuning, Wake, guard-zones, etc.
  • Navigation: Various methods of position-plotting with Radar, e.g. VRM, EBL. Working with real nautical charts.
  • Collision-avoidance using various Radar functions, e.g. the automatic plotting aid (MARPA), Guard zones, Doppler, Wakes.
  • Evaluating a vessels data: SOG, COG, CPA, TCPA. Practical application of the collision avoidance rules.
  • Realistic scenarios with the STC function (Sea clutter) and FTC function (precipitation). Identifying potential dangers of incorrect settings.
  • Additional functions: Cursor; Auto Gain/Tuning; Target Expansion; etc.
  • Chart plotter, Radar overlay, AIS, GPS, sonar, etc.

Seminar instructor Peter G. Boot has many years of radar experience on high seas in the British and South African merchant navy. Together with over 25 years of experience in the radar industry, he combines his knowledge to present a highly realistic and easy-to-understand radar seminar.

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