Sunset Sailing with Skipper

Sat. 17/09, 4:30 pm to approx. 7:00 pm
Sun. 18/09, 4:30 pm to approx. 7:00 pm

The sun is setting in the west and bathing the surface of Lake Constance in warm orange light. A steady breeze is blowing over the lake, driving the boat forward almost silently. Few other boats are on the water, and you can enjoy the evening atmosphere without disturbances.

Sailing into the sunset is one of the musts for watersports enthusiasts, and the INTERBOOT Academy gives you an opportunity to do just that. In partnership with Match Center Germany, on the evening of the first INTERBOOT weekend from 4:30 pm on, an experienced skipper and a yacht will await you in the INTERBOOT marina to set sail.

No prior knowledge is necessary, and individual places on the yachts are available at a price of € 59 (trade fair admission not included). The minimum number of participants per evening is three.


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