VHF-Radio Refresher Seminar

Sun. 01/10, 10:30 am to approx. 1 pm
Conference Center West, Room Schwarzwald

This seminar gives all leisure-boat skippers the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and practice their maritime English before their next cruise, so they are able to use the on-board radio with more confidence. This is important, because VHF communication at sea must always be brief and to the point, using standard procedure words. Once you leave a marina, you no longer have any time to practice.

It is also ideal for skippers who are due to take their SRC VHF radio exam.

In this seminar all participants get plenty of practice on proper VHF radio sets, with one set per person. They are all connected to each other, which has the effect that the communication between the seminar “radio stations” is just like at sea.

All switches and functions on the radio are explained again in detail. Typical maritime scenarios are practiced in English and then discussed, such as: Routine, safety and urgency communications, and of course distress scenarios.

The following typical scenarios will be practiced in English:

  • How to communicate properly, using typical procedure words and phonetic alphabet.
  • Asking for a berth in a marina
  • Sending a DSC distress alert, call and message
  • Requesting a weather forecast
  • You have an engine failure in a busy shipping lane.
  • You see a floating container.
  • A crew member is injured and you need medical advice.
  • How to respond to a distress message
  • You have to send a Mayday relay

The seminar does not include a test or certification.
Seminar instructor Peter G. Boot is a British citizen and speaks fluent German. He spent many years at sea as a radio officer in the British, Canadian and South African merchant navies and is a certified SRC instructor and examiner.

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