The Marina

The INTERBOOT Marina is one of the emotional highlights of INTERBOOT and its testing opportunities, sport events and maritime atmosphere bring the feelings of watersports to life.....normally.
Unfortunately the current COVID19-situation and the applicable regulations for INTERBOOT didn't allow to put INTERBOOT marina to operation in 2021.
However, numerous exhibitors will place their demonstration boats in the marina in order to "experience" the boat after making an appointment with their customers.


Boats in Marina for test drives

Please contact the exhibitors directly to arrange an appointment.
You will find the contact details in the list of exhibitors.


Boat brand

Boat type


Haber Yachts Haber 660 Sailing boat 6,60m x 2,50m
Loens Sailingcorner Code10 Sailing boat 10,00m x 2,98m
Loens Sailingcorner Neo 350 Sailing boat 10,80m x 3,65m
Wassersport-Center Stockmann GmbH Capelli 770 open Dinghy 7,75m x 2,97m
Wassersport-Center Stockmann GmbH Brig Eagle 6.7 Dinghy 6,70m x 2,55m
Wassersport-Center Stockmann GmbH Brig Navigator 610 Dinghy 6,10m
Wassersport-Center Stockmann GmbH Brig Navigator 570 Dinghy 5,70m
Marineprofis Whaly 500 Motor boat 4,99 x 2,10m
Vanclaes Hellwig Milos V630 Motor boat 6,3m x 2,10m


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