The Marina

One of the absolute highlights of INTERBOOT is the INTERBOOT Marina. No other water sports exhibition can offer this combination of exhibition in the exhibition halls and active testing and so the INTERBOOT Marina guarantee for many special moments. The INTERBOOT Marina is connected to the exhibition halls by a free shuttle bus and is open one hour longer every day than the exhibition halls.

You have already discovered the dream boat in the exhibition halls? Many boats are ready for testing on the water! Numerous manufacturers use the location advantage of the INTERBOOT Marina to enable their customers to carry out an extensive test drive.

In addition to the boats in the marina, there are also numerous side events such as the motorboat training for women with the BOOTE magazine.

The Sport Marina

Top-class entertainment and top sports - popular with the public and right in front of the waterfront! These are the central elements of the INTERBOOT water sports program. At the first INTERBOOT weekend, for example, more than 100 one-handed juggs cross the starting line of the INTERBOOT Trophy.

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