Your Job - Your Moment

On 26 September, “Your Job – Your Moment” - an information event on the wide range of employment opportunities in water sports for future school leavers will take place at INTERBOOT.

The water sports industry not only offers various craft trade professions like boat building, sailmaking, upholstery or industrial mechanics, but also many other interesting, fascinating and unusual fields of work that you wouldn’t expect at first glance. Together with the German Association of Boat and Ship Builders and the Association of Lake Constance Boat Yards, INTERBOOT presents numerous vocational training professions as part of “Your Job – Your Moment”Career guidance in the diverse field of water sports at its best!

Does that sound like an interesting option for your professional future? Then “Your Job – Your Moment” is the perfect event for you! There, future school leavers can learn all about jobs related to the element of water.

To participate, you must book in advance via your school.

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