Exhibitor Testimonials on INTERBOOT 2017

Hans Bakker, Sales Manager Sea Ray, Brunswick Netherlands B.V.:
“The Interboot went well for us, we concluded a large number of contracts and many more will come after the show. The Interboot is one of the best boat events in Germany.”

Gerhard Schöchl, CEO, Sunbeam Yachts OG:
“We earn a measurable percentage of our revenues at the Interboot, so it is of course an important event for us. The facts speak for a good show again this year: We sold as much as we did last year, we had the same number of customer contacts as last year and we are looking forward to the next Interboot. The location here in Friedrichshafen is very attractive, the industry is doing well, and so we are correspondingly in a good mood. The Interboot 2017 was positive and stable.”

Mike Broemel, Sales Manager, Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH:
“The Interboot 2017 was a good and successful trade show. Although it felt like there were somewhat fewer visitors at the stand this year, they were the right ones. We sold several boats and are expecting good follow-up business. The Interboot is an important trade show for us to present new boats and to reach the Swiss market. The mood was good in Friedrichshafen.”

Bernd Flügel, CEO, F2:
“The Interboot went well for us in every regard. Especially in regard to the trending sport of stand up paddling, the demand is phenomenal. Our revenues here have been 700 percent higher than last year.”

Karsten Baas, CEO, Hanse Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH + Co. KG:
“The Interboot went fairly well. We were able to conclude a few contracts. We reach our target audience here in Friedrichshafen.”

Horst von Hörsten, CEO, Hallberg-Rassy Deutschland GmbH:
“The Interboot 2017 was a good event, we registered good visitor numbers, even during the week there was a lot happening at our stand. We are quite satisfied. For us, the Interboot means contact to customers in southern Germany as well as Switzerland and Austria. We are here to cultivate relationships with our customers and would like to expand our customer base. There are a lot of Hallberg-Rassys vessels on Lake Constance, so this is correspondingly an important market for us.”

Sonja Meichle, Managing Director, Ultramarin, Meichle + Mohr Marina and Vice President of the German Water Sports Industry Federation:
“The Interboot 2017 was an exciting and eventful show. The opening on the first weekend went very well for us and then it got quieter during the week. We were on hand for the ‘Dein Job – Dein Moment’ (‘Your Job – Your Moment’) career orientation event and got good feedback all around. We even posted a job announcement at our stand and have already had responses. We are quite satisfied.”

David Clavadetscher, Managing Director of the Swiss Boatbuilders Association:
“It used to be that interested visitors would come to the stands because they wanted to get basic information. Today, the visitors that come to the stands are well informed in advance and are very interested, so the quality of visitors is very good. We feel very comfortable at the Interboot and the show went successfully, the Swiss exhibitors presented a good palette of offerings.”

Peter Nürberger, Managing Director, Europe Marine:
“We are very satisfied with the number of visitors on the weekends. During the week it was very quiet, but the sales figures were also better during that time. Most visitors were very well informed in advance, so they could place orders at the show. We are satisfied with the sales, but we miss the young audience who we can interest in water sports. From an overall perspective, our expectations were met. The Interboot is an important trade show for us, one that takes place at the right time of the year.”

Joachim Pfister, CEO, Boote Pfister GmbH:
“The Interboot was quieter this year than last year. But despite that, it is a very important trade show for us. We like being here and will also be back again for the next show.”

Andre Busse, Owner, Bodenseenautic Busse GmbH:
“The Interboot went satisfactorily for us, we had visitors at our stand who were technically very well informed. Our expectations as far as the Invictus brand is concerned were fulfilled, unfortunately in the case of Stingray they were not. Generally, our reaction to the new hall layout is very positive and the atmosphere was very comfortable. In our view, the Interboot trade show concept is the appropriate one.”

Axel Piechol-Duchet, Director Sales and Administration, Nauti Sattler e.K.:
“The Interboot went well. We had interested customers, interesting inquiries and wrote contracts. The Interboot has great significance for us, it is our ‘home show,’ so to say, as we are based at Lake Constance. We are completely satisfied.”


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